"If you have any other words of wisdom or tricks, please share them with me – you have changed my life."                                      Natalia Lensky

"Business is great, I love it and the “personal CFO” is a big part of my story…. Thanks"     John Holmes - Financial Manager               Northwestern Mutual

“I know so many cosmetic executives, and Gail really is at the top of her game."                                                                                Judy Goss – Former Editor of Cosmopolitan and                         More Magazine

"Gail is realistic and understands anyone who has an active busy lifestyle."                                                                                       Kathy McShane – Managing Director of Ladies Who Launch

"After my coaching sessions with Gail, I finally understand how to network. Where were you two years ago?"                                  Matthew Wasserman, recent college graduate 

“Gail really helped me focus on my strengths when I was evaluating my career."                                                                            Karen Uomoleale- fitness instructor

“My motivation was at an all-time low and I even started questioning whether I belonged in my current career. That’s when fate intervened and I met Gail.                                                    LW – Athletic Coach

“Finding myself saying ‘What would Gail recommend for me…’  is a common occurance."                                                                     Jill Alcott - Executive Management

"Working with Gail is like working with an artist.”                               Catherine Frels - Actress

"Thank you for making such great products!  You definitely get women. Makes getting my face ready for the day so much easier!"                                                                                                    Kimberly Harbour - Beauty Blogger