Management Consulting

What I can do for you

  • Analyze overall business strategy and processes
  • Thoughtful analysis of overall organizational efficiency 
  • Identify issues and formulate solutions 
  • Research utilizing financial and marketing analysis 
  • Set up budget and forecast models to conform with business strategy
  • Audit cash flow needs 
  • Analyze supply chain to ensure the highest efficiency and seek cost reductions 
  • Formulate several options to resolve issues
  • Implement technology to improve efficiencies 
  • Enhance brand through strategic planning
  • Consider building new channels to market 
  • Evaluate team performance and look at practices to build best team 
  • Review and manage efficiency of products and programs
  • Enhance organizational operations to result in maximum profitability 
  • Assess services and products to deliver the best customer value
  • Execute projects to meet objectives


  • Launched Faces Beautiful®, an incubator for indie brands, in an era before Sephora, Ulta and Blue Mercury were on the scene. 
  • One of the firsts to combine one-stop beauty experience, offering both services and upscale cosmetics.
  • Constructed business and operating plans, achieving profitability after the first year’s operation.
  • Marketed the brand through a sophisticated use of digital marketing media to grow online and social presence, promote products, and build brand loyalty and community.
  • Strategically transformed retail business model from a third party multi-brand retailer to a direct to consumer vertically-integrated makeup and skincare brand, post the 2009 financial crisis.
  • Developed my financial acumen while creating an energy desk at Bear Stearns for international oil companies. 
  • Brought my intuitive business knowledge from Wall Street to Main Street. 

As a trusted advisor clients seek out Gail’s advice on strategic business development, financial analysis, expansion, marketing, e-commerce, social media implementation, team issues, and client conflicts. 

  • She is equally strong in her logical, methodical, and analytic thinking as she is with her creativity, intuitiveness and sense of innovation.
  • With Gail's vision, each client is able to confidently uncover their skills, expertise, and successes. 
  • Her ability to prioritize actions, move projects to completion, and turn around difficult situations enables clients to successfully meet their objectives. 
  • It is her unique inclination to look outside of the box that enables clients to attain their desired goal.