Management Consulting

As a trusted advisor, clients seek out Gail’s advice on strategic business development, financial analysis, expansion, marketing, e-commerce, social media implementation, team issues, and client conflicts. Gail is the perfect resource to analyze your overall business strategy and processes. She will always provide thoughtful analysis of overall organizational efficiency, identify issues and formulate solutions. She believes the answers are typically numbers and data driven. Her research utilizes both financial and marketing analysis.

Gail brought her intuitive business knowledge from Wall Street to Main Street, as she developed her financial acumen while creating an energy desk at Bear Stearns for international oil companies. Gail will formulate several options to resolve issues, set up budgets and forecast models to conform with your business strategy, audit cash flow needs and analyze supply chain to ensure the highest efficiency and seek cost reductions. 

Her ability to prioritize actions, move projects to completion, and turn around difficult situations enables clients to successfully meet their objectives. Whether it’s identifying and implementing the right technology to improve efficiencies of considering building new channels to market with Gail's vision, each client is able to confidently uncover their skills, expertise, and successes. Let Gail help you to enhance your brand through strategic planning. She will review and guide you to manage the efficiency of products and programs, enhance organizational operations to result in maximum profitability, assess services and products to deliver the best customer value.

Gail evaluates your team performance and has the ability to build the best team. She is an excellent team leader, proving to consistently motivate others to achieve more by creating the optimal environment needed for high performance. She learns people’s motivations and adapts to them, by obtaining this through personal meetings and phone conferences to help any organization achieve its goal and evaluate your team’s performance and practices to build your company the best team.

What clients most appreciate about Gail is that she is equally strong in her logical, methodical, and analytic thinking as she is with her creativity, intuitiveness and sense of innovation. She is an expert at executing projects to meet your objectives. Gail identifies issues and formulates solutions to help improve her business’s performance. She is a decision maker who uses her knowledge from past experiences, to think through problems. she will help any client think through the difficult problems they are facing. It is her unique inclination to look outside of the box that enables clients to attain their desired goal.