I am a Spokesperson

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Is it important to Gail to inspire other women, whether leading a group discussion or participating on a panel, she speaks to women on many topics. Coming from Wall Street, gives Gail a unique perspective on beauty.  Her business advice reflects both a analytical process, lots of creativity and a strong sense of intuitiveness.

  • Topics for discussion
    • Beauty and Finance for Women
    • Find Your Business Passion
    • Are You an Entrepreneur
    • How Excel® can Excel Your Business


  • Gail offers a mentorship program to local high school students.
  • Serves as an university internship supervisor and mentor to college business students. 
  • Campus partner with Fairfield University, Cornell University, Connecticut College and Fordham University. 
  • She loves listening and learning the perspective of young brilliant thinkers. 
  • Brand spokesperson. 

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