Business Development

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If you plan to open a new business, or would like to increase performance and visibility, Gail Sagel is the advisor for you. She works with you, hands-on to create structure, helps to empower your people, your products and your services. Gail can fulfill all aspects leading to the achievement of the clients stated goals. .

Management Consulting


Gail Sagel's consulting and can enhance the essentials to any business. 

Staff for Excellence 

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Gail Sagel believes that staffing design & recruitment are crucial for success. Her coaching can enhance your team and their performance.

Brand Your Brand

Marketing Strategy

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Gail Sagel's ability to create a well rounded, cohesive brand that speaks to your consumer and defines your business. Being able to compete against your competition is key and Gail has a vast number of resources to help you. 

Gail Sagel can dynamically improve your business brand. First impressions count - make your online presence thrive! Gail uses her team of marketing specialists, who have a wide range of expertise.