Creator of Makeup


You might wonder how I even began to develop and manufacture makeup products?

You'll probably find this ironic, but all my years trading energy taught me a lot about makeup. Energy brokers trade crude oil. Floating at the top of every barrel of crude are petrochemicals, which are used in nearly every product we consume, including makeup. 

Even before it was trendy to make products that are paraben free, I was always a believer in healthy ingredients. Not only did I understand that petrochemicals were potentially toxic and harmful, I also had taken many cooking courses at the French Culinary Institute and I had a strong appreciation for quality, healthy ingredients that we consume. 

I am passionate about developing healthy cosmetic formulations. My Faces Beautiful® brand is devoted to vegan, paraben free and cruelty free skincare and makeup. 

What does this mean? Vegan means that we formulate with ingredients that are plant-derived or synthetic alternatives. Cruelty free mean that our products are not tested on animals. Formulated without the parabens which are chemical preservatives. Parabens may cause allergies, breast cancer, and increased estrogen levels. It is not proven, but who needs it? And, our products are Prop 65 complaint. Compliance with Prop 65 is significantly stricter than the federal safety standards set by the FDA. Proposition 65 is a California law that addresses growing concerns about exposure to toxic chemicals.