Gail knows that defining one's career path can be a challenge. She has a way of asking all the right questions, which in turn, leads her client to the answers to their questions. Gail spends a lot of time listening and gives each client her undivided attention. She asks many questions and listens to everything before opening the door to her expert advice and the path to success.

After a lot of listening, through a series of questions and conversations, each client is able to confidently uncover their skills, expertise, and successes. Gail's philosophy is to embrace change, rekindle passions, seize opportunities, and most importantly, don't be afraid of potential failures. This is where Gail's expertise in risk-reward analysis is essential. This is what leads to successful change.

After speaking with Gail, clients feel much more confident about where they want to take their career. "I wouldn’t have reached the next level without her insight" is a typical statement that Gail receives. Meeting Gail is a defining moment in one's professional career.

Gail is inspiring to work with and her insight and integrity are second to none. Speaking with Gail is a valuable investment for one's career. Gail maps out an action plan and clients feel confident that it is attainable. Gail is quick to point out misconceptions and unrealistic goals. Gail is highly recommended as a trusted advisor and coach.