Business Development

Gail Sagel is the person who knows how to take a concept from ideation to execution. She has vision. She can walk into an empty room and within moments, in her mind, it’s fully decorated or conversely walk in to a room overflowing with disorganization and have each person, paper and chair reorganized in its proper place in just moments.  She’s comfortable in startup environments and all too familiar with fast-paced companies. She is a classic entrepreneur with a burning hunger to build, to learn, to experience and to share.

As a expert of Business Development, it is Gail’s mission to help businesses secure what’s most important. She will be your main driver for new business generation that drives top line revenue and gross profits by selling your brand’s services or products.   She will evaluate overall operations and their success with primary focus on operating standards, systems and practices as they directly impact the overall excellence of the sales department. Gail’s “get it done” attitude, enables her to effectively lead a team in a multi-dimensional organization. She can generate sales leads; can problem solve in a collaborative peer dynamic, while working constructively with the operating departments of the company and effectively hit deadlines on all goals set. In her approach, Gail develops strong working relationships with all support departments to ensure collaborative teamwork.

While Gail herself is a very strong sales person, she has proven to be an excellent team builder, leader and manager, proving that she consistently motivates, leads and elevates others to achieve more by creating the optimal environment needed for high performance. She is the type of sales person who develops relationship leads into sales. She positively engages people, builds long-term relationships, and forms mutually beneficial networks, while staying abreast of industry initiatives. Her talent lies in the way she brands and articulates messages to show customers the features, benefits and solutions. And, of course, she does this across a multitude of platforms: in person, by phone and in writing for presentations, pitches and proposals.

Her unique approaches, have allowed her to become a strong leader. She has managed multiple sale teams, forming positive connections between herself and co-workers. Gail has successfully led sales teams by training and supervising employees, which helped them to develop their sales skills. Furthermore, she has implemented sales practices which are essential to achieve goals for any business. Being an exceptional strategist, Gail recognizes planning a sales and marketing program starts with an understanding of a brand in the marketplace and extensive research, which then leads to a successful outcome. You can always count on Gail to bring her high energy to your brand and take a common-sense and innovative approach to achieving the goals set forth.

In her prior life, Gail was a derivatives energy broker and trader with Bear Stearns, an investment banking firm in NYC. She literally traded her Wall Street pinstripes for lipstick. She felt the time was right to focus on women and their never-ending need for beauty services and products. Gail built Faces Beautiful, a unique one-stop cosmetics retail business, before the era of Sephora or Ulta Beauty. Faces Beautiful combined both beauty services and prestige brands for women to feel their very best, integrating B2B/B2C, cosmetic manufacturing, retailing and ecommerce. Gail’s entrepreneurial background in cosmetics, combined with her financial fluency, along with her sales & marketing expertise is instrumental to business development. Her strengths include strong salesmanship, creative and analytical skills, intimate knowledge of the consumer, ability to tap into industry trends and an energy that includes passion, love of product and people. Gail also is an internship supervisor and mentors college business students on entrepreneurial business practices.