Brand Development

As a trusted advisor, clients seek out Gail’s advice on strategic business development, financial analysis, expansion, marketing, e-commerce, social media implementation, team issues, and client conflicts. Gail can help you develop your overall business and brand strategy. With her research and expertise in competitive landscaping, she will identify your targeted markets. Working with your graphics team she will guide you to establish your brand image, logo, color, packaging all directed to give you a strong digital presence. She will help you find you voice, find your unique value proposition and maintain consistency as you create multi-level brand messaging across all of your company marketing.

She is equally strong in her logical, methodical, and analytic thinking; as she is with her creativity, intuitiveness and sense of innovation. Developing a strategic digital marketing strategy from e-commerce to social media to influencer marketing is one of Gail’s strong suits. Every brand and company want to ensure customer/client positive brand identity. Gail knows how to manage your on-line reputation.

Enhancing brand revenues through strategic product development is a key process to growth. Gail’s access to top Intellectual Property legal experts will be able to advise you on trademark and patent applicability. And, if you’re looking to be sure you’re running a tight ship, Gail’s organizational approach is like non-other. She developed her financial acumen while creating an energy desk for Bear Stearns for international oil companies. And, she brought her intuitive business knowledge from Wall Street career to Main Street. 

She will review, manage and improve the product development process, streamline supply chain by increasing time and waste efficiencies and ensure regulatory compliance.

Let Gail provide thoughtful analysis of your distribution strategy if you want to increase your sales. Her proprietary database gives her access to buyers worldwide. With this database, she can identify the best sales channels for optimal performance for your brand. Her ability to prioritize actions, move projects to completion and turn around difficult situations, enable clients to successfully meet their objectives. 

Ultimately you want your brand to offer the best customer experience.  Let Gail evaluate your team performance and look at practices to build best team for your brand. With Gail's vision, each client is able to confidently uncover their skills, expertise, and successes. It is her unique style of look outside of the box business that attains the desired goal.

Gail launched Faces Beautiful® an incubator for indie brands, in an era before Sephora, Ulta and Blue Mercury were on the scene. She was one of the first to combine one-stop beauty experience, offering both services and upscale cosmetics. Marketing the brand through a sophisticated use of social media and influencers to helped her to grow her online presence, promote products and build brand loyalty and a community following. Then she strategically transformed her retail business model from a 3rd party multi-brand retailer to a direct to consumer vertically-integrated makeup and skincare brand. She conceptualized, designed, and developed branded private label and contract manufacturing products, including: vegan makeup, a skincare line, body care and on trend fashion accessories. All of these new implementations served to elevate the brand identity, visibility and company performance. The introduction of patented products further raised attention to the brand. She quickly monetized cross-channel opportunities by authoring two top selling Amazon makeup books. Gail was the brand ambassador. She represented the brand and demonstrated it in a positive light to increase awareness and sales.

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