Gail Sagel, a motivational speaker, CEO of Faces Beautiful®, author of Making Faces Beautiful, and the creator of the FACE IN A CASE® has always been passionate about helping women discover their business passion.

Her background is unique, combining leadership in manufacturing and retailing cosmetic products after a successful career as a Wall Street derivatives broker and trader. Gail realized the business of beauty was her true calling and created a career based upon her passions, her artistic skills, and her desire to work with women. Combining her analytical expertise from her Wall Street days with her fierce passion for cosmetics, she has developed a unique cosmetic brand, always with the initiative to strengthen entrepreneurial success.

Now, as an award-winning brand strategist, Gail has successfully developed FACES Beautiful®, a retail beauty concept store room located in Westport, Connecticut, an online store and a niche cosmetics brand focused on simplifying beauty for women. Her hash tag is #beautyforthebusy. And, what women today isn't busy? Her company, FACES Beautiful® is an eight-time recipient of Best of Westport and she has been recognized by the National Association of Professional Women. Gail is very passionate about the beauty industry and listens closely to what women say they need and desire, thereby giving Gail the tools to make beauty easy and attainable for women.

Life can be complex, ever changing and not necessarily predictable. Gail has a unique way of helping individuals and companies find their larger overall goals and hone in for the specific assignments on how to accomplish the road to that success. Gail believes that it all starts with finding a passion. Once you find your passion, you can finally live your dream.